WYIC/IR(Wah Yan International Conference/International Reunion)

WYIR 2022WYIC/IR (Wah Yan International Conference/International Reunion) will be held on Dec 10 & 11, 2022 (Dec 9 & 10 Toronto time) in WYHK & WYK campus respectively from morning till afternoon. You can join physically at the School Campus or via Zoom.

You can register on-line. Click here to open registration form

IR 2022 program

Annual Dinner 2022

The alumni held its annual dinner after having it suspended for two years due to the pandemic. Eighty people attended, including Mrs. Helen Lee. Even more exciting is that we had three young people who recently arrived from Hong Kong. We know of and have met more new arrivals. Hopefully, they can join us in future events.

Michael Au announced the International Reunion 2022, which will be held by Zoom, on December 9 and 10 Toronto Time. Details will be posted in our website.

Everybody had fun, meeting friends who have not seen each other for quite some time.

Thanks to Andrew Ng, our president for providing wine. Margaret Wong (Mrs. President) for assisting in videos and lucky draw. Tony Tang for taking pictures, and very important, Joe Shum and Phyllis Chuang for managing the reception desk.

We are planning on more events, but may have to wait till after winter.

Wah Yan Boys resume activities

After over two years of the pandemic, people here seems to have accepted COVID 19 as part of life. While some people are still very concerned about exposure to the sickness, most have returned to “normal” life. Basically, all pandemic related restrictions for gathering have bee lifted.

The first gathering after the pandemic for the Wah Yan boys was held last weekend. Our president, Andrew, invited some old boys to his house for a barbecue. In all over twenty people, including our brothers from the Kowloon side participated.

There were tons of food, drinks and chats and laughter. We were very excited to see new comers as well as some people we have not met for a very long time.

Andrew said that he would have invited more people but his house can only hold so many. He is thinking about a picnic type gathering for all members. It may not happen this year, but certainly in the plan. Meanwhile, we are considering resuming the annual dinner. A date and venue is to be decided.






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