Annual Dinner 2022

Hi, Greetings after a long pandemic! 

As many of you have emerged from their comfort zone, WYHK alumni is planning to host an AGM dinner on November 13 (Sunday) at  黃金閣 , 270 West Beaver Creek Rd.,Richmond Hill.

We need to know how many people are planning to come to the dinner so that we can book the  tables. 
Please contact us by email so that we can have a head count by end of September. 

Email contacts:

Please also contact your WY colleague and to those who have just arrive Toronto in the recent months.  

Hope to see everyone soon.

Andrew Ng, President

Wah Yan Boys resume activities

After over two years of the pandemic, people here seems to have accepted COVID 19 as part of life. While some people are still very concerned about exposure to the sickness, most have returned to “normal” life. Basically, all pandemic related restrictions for gathering have bee lifted.

The first gathering after the pandemic for the Wah Yan boys was held last weekend. Our president, Andrew, invited some old boys to his house for a barbecue. In all over twenty people, including our brothers from the Kowloon side participated.

There were tons of food, drinks and chats and laughter. We were very excited to see new comers as well as some people we have not met for a very long time.

Andrew said that he would have invited more people but his house can only hold so many. He is thinking about a picnic type gathering for all members. It may not happen this year, but certainly in the plan. Meanwhile, we are considering resuming the annual dinner. A date and venue is to be decided.






Food, food, food

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