Upcoming Visit: Dr. SO Ying-lun (蘇英麟博士) in Toronto (March 2024)

Dr. Ying-Lun SO 蘇英麟博士 (WYHK 77′) plans to visit Toronto in March, 2024. Two alumni from WYHK & WYK will host a dinner in his honor, and he hopes to connect with other Wah Yan Alumni in Toronto on March 28, 2024 (Thursday).

Dr. SO presently serves as Head of Education Commission, Chinese Province, Society of Jesus. A graduate of Wah Yan College Hong Kong 1977, he dedicated six years to teaching at his alma mater following his university studies. With a subsequent decade in the business sector and twelve years in various university roles, he returned to Wah Yan College Hong Kong as principal in 2013, serving for six years before retiring. In the academic year 2019-2021, he assumed the role of assistant supervisor at Wah Yan College Hong Kong. Post-retirement, he founded the Jesuit Education Center, extending services to six Jesuit schools, including the two Wah Yan Colleges in Hong Kong, across the Chinese Province.

We encourage all alumni to spread the word to their friends and classmates, particularly those who know Dr. SO, inviting them to join us on March 28, 2024. If you wish to participate in the event, kindly contact Andrew Ng at shipshape@rogers.com or Edmond Yung at yungmabb@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing you all on March 28, 2024!

Upcoming Event: Joint School New Year banquet (February 2024)

 Joint School New Year banquet on February 25th (Sunday)
      Place: Golden Court 黃金閣. 
      Price: $75/head – Price to be Pre-paid on registration 
      Karaoke 4 – 6pm before dinner
      Deadline for registration : February 5th (Monday)
      Contact : Bernard Tsui email bgttsui@yahoo.ca or message him at 4164506308

Annual Dinner 2023

Approximately 70 people participated in the annual dinner this year, which was held on October 15.

Fr. Antoni J. Ucerler, S.J. from Boston College happened to be in town and joined us. Mrs. Lee gave us a short speech and encouraged our alumni to participate more in our events.

Both Fr. Clement Tsui, S.J., Supervisor of Wah Yan Hong Kong and Wah Yan Kowloon and Dr. Davis Chan, Principal of WYHK sent us videos to share their thoughts with us.


We have to congratulate class of 66. They have the highest participation two years in a row. We certainly want to see them back again next year. The evening ended with the lucky draw.

Hope to see you in our next event.


【明報專訊】香港華仁書院50多名師生以富有特色的港華校舍及港島建築群為設計藍本,將電車車身當成「畫板」,進行為期兩周的藝術創作,同時寫上代表華仁精神的「Men for and with others(與眾同行)」字句,寄寓「華仁仔」毋懼時代變遷,逾百年來肩負華仁精神和使命,身體力行,在香港不同角落傳揚關愛社區、和諧團結,實踐耶穌會的教育理念。
The tram can be rented out for party to the Wah Yan family for a street ride, but only on or before Feb 16, 2023.

Wah Yan Boys resume activities

After over two years of the pandemic, people here seems to have accepted COVID 19 as part of life. While some people are still very concerned about exposure to the sickness, most have returned to “normal” life. Basically, all pandemic related restrictions for gathering have bee lifted.

The first gathering after the pandemic for the Wah Yan boys was held last weekend. Our president, Andrew, invited some old boys to his house for a barbecue. In all over twenty people, including our brothers from the Kowloon side participated.

There were tons of food, drinks and chats and laughter. We were very excited to see new comers as well as some people we have not met for a very long time.

Andrew said that he would have invited more people but his house can only hold so many. He is thinking about a picnic type gathering for all members. It may not happen this year, but certainly in the plan. Meanwhile, we are considering resuming the annual dinner. A date and venue is to be decided.






Food, food, food

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