2019 Student Ambassadors visit

WYCHK SA Justin Chan (left)

 WYK SA Kelvin Wong (right)

The student ambassadors arrived Toronto on July 28, 2019. After a long delay through immigration (apparently the computer system was down), they met up with the reception party. The first event was a BBQ dinner at WYCHK Ontario Alumni Association President’s house. 

BBQ dinner attended by members of both WYCHK and WYK alumni chapters
No free lunch! Washes dishes after dinner

Day 1, they visited the Ontario Science Centre for most of the day. Before dinner, they visited Unionville and tasted a big big ice cream cone. Dinner was with a small group of old boys.

Day 2, off to Niagara Falls early in the morning. First, they walked around the park area, taking photos of the falls, then did some souvenir shopping. After lunch, the excitement started with going down the tunnel to the observation platform at the bottom of the Horseshoe Fall. The tunnel also took them to areas behind the fall (水簾洞?). This of course was not wet enough, so they went to take the boat on the river, went right to the fall. It was a long day, so they took a nap in the car on the way back to Toronto.

Day 3, sightseeing in Toronto

WYHK Alumni President Andrew Ng took them to a sightseeing tour in Toronto. First stop was York University. After that, they took the subway to downtown Toronto. They went to the downtown campus of University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Queens Park (Ontario Legislation Building) and many other places.

In the evening, they attended the Centennial Dinner organized by the WYHK Ontario Alumni Association. The dinner was attended by over 130 alumni, their families and friends. The ambassadors mingled with “old” boys all night and did a fantastic job presenting the latest of happenings in the schools, including the upcoming celebration events in Hong Kong for the 100th birthday of Wah Yan.

Centennial Dinner, from left to right: Fr. Edmund Lo SJ; Mrs. Helen Lee; Justin Chan; President Andrew Ng; Kelvin Wong, Alumni Francis Au and Kin Wong
100dinnerx (10)
Souvenir presented by the two presendents of the two Toronto chapters
Presentations by the SAs

Day 4: WYK Alumni took over the activities. The SAs visited all three University of Toronto campuses and met with some teaching staffs who are Wahyanites.  

Day 5 was another fun fill day. The SAs went to areas north of Toronto. They enjoyed the country view and adventurous tree top walks and zip lines. 

Day 6 started with a BBQ hosted by the WYK Alumni. Plenty of food and plenty of people. In the afternoon, the Wahyanite soccer team played a game with La Salle and St. Joseph College. Weather was hot, but we all had fun. Afterwards, a small group assembled in President Andrew’s house for food and karaoke.

Getting ready to serve
With WYK Alumni president Jeff Mah on the left and WYHK Alumni president Andrw Ng on the right

The SAs went different ways in the morning. Kelvin met up with his relatives while Justin went to mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica. Alumni Kin Wong took them to Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s well known landmarks, in the afternoon. After a dinner at Boston Pizza, Kin drove them to the airport to fly home.

Kelvin and Justin, we enjoyed spending the week with you, wish you a successful future and hope to see you soon.

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