The WYHK Alumni Association here in Ontario hosted a Centennial Dinner on July 31 at Casa Victoria in Markham (in the Greater Toronto Area). Wahyanites and friends of the School filled up 13 tables. For the first time after WYIC2002, we had multiple Jesuit Fathers joining our alumni event in Toronto.  Fr Peter Siu SJ is the chaplain of Sacred Heart Chinese Catholic Mission.  He officiated Fr Deignan’s memorial mass in Toronto earlier this year. Although Fr Siu did not attend Wah Yan, he knew/knows many of our Jesuit fathers well.   Fr Edmund Lo SJ is an alumnus who was ordained last year.  He is stationed in Regina, Saskatchewan.  It so happened that he’s in Toronto these days and could accept the invitation.  Two student ambassadors 2019 Justin Chan (WYHK) and Kevin Wong (WYK) were present to update us on the two schools. Both boys spoke about the Schools’ views on  and approach to dealing with students’ involvement in Hong Kong’s happenings in June and July.   We also watched a video by Dr YL So, the principal.   He will retire before the school year 2019/2020 starts; and will continue to serve the School in a different capacity.  

Contributed by Simon Tam, class of 71.

Message from Dr. YL So, the principal
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President Andrew Ng
Fr. Edmund Lo, SJ
Fr. Peter Siu, SJ
Ready to cut the cake, with all the past presidents and the student ambassadors
Class 62 with some joint school friends
Class 71 with Mrs. Helen Lee
Class 66

Presentations by the student ambassadors

WYK SA Kelvin Wong
WYHK SA Justin Chan
Souvenirs for the SAs

Some of the lucky draw winners!!!

Winners of the centennial watches

Winner - Simon Tam (class 71)
Winner - Paul Wong (class 90)
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