2017 Annual Dinner (35th Anniversary)

2017 Annual Dinner (35th Anniversary) was held on September 30, 2017. A good number of alumni participated in the annual general meeting before the dinner. This year, we celebrated the Alumni Association’s 35th anniversary.

Over 100 people attended the event this year, the most of many past years. We had teachers, alumni and their family members as well as friends from the joint school group.It was delightful to see many fellow wahyanites attended our event for their first time. There were also young students, the youngest one just graduated in 2017. Hope that our family continues to grow.

The night began with the usual agenda – introduction, singing of school song. After our president, Andrew Ng made his report, 2 members (Louis Huang and Teddy Chan) shared their experiences being a tutor for the Tin Shui Wai 天水圍 project. We had a silent auction. Many valuable (not necessary in monetary terms) items were auctioned off.

All participants enjoyed the evening. Hope to see more people next year.

See you next year !!!

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