Joint School Soccer Tournament

The Joint School Soccer Tournament is scheduled for August 12. Start time is to be confirmed.

Location: 407/Bayview. More detail will be posted.

As of today, 4 schools has signed up for this, therefore, we will be playing at least 3 games. We need a lot of players, so, get in shape. Contact us to join the team.

2018 Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner for 2018 will be held on September 9, 2018 at

Golden Court Abalone Restaurant – 黃金閣

Please plan ahead, contact your classmates and friends to form your table. Contact us to reserve.

Wah Yan 100th Anniversary celebration - December 2019

Tentatively, the Gala Dinner will be on December 1, or Novermber 30, 2019.  The International Conference will be at the end of November.

The are a few committee formed to organize events.

Hope we can have a large group from Ontario to attend.

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