Meeting Date

November 8, 2017


Committee members: Andrew Ng, Joe Shum, Edmund Leung, Stephen Ching, Francis Au

Other members: Paulus Ng, Martin Li, Tony Tang, Kim Wong, Colin Hong


The president thanked everyone for the attendance, especially Kim Wong and Colin Hong since they are young alumni and first time to attend the monthly meeting.

  1. Approve meeting agenda

The meeting agenda was approved.

2. Adopt last meeting minutes

Motion to adopt last meeting minutes was passed.

3. Report on past activities

a)    Annual General Meeting

The president reconfirmed the committee members' positions and titles. Colin Hong was added to the committee as Student Liaison.

b)     Annual Dinner 2017

Francis Au said that some guests stated there were lots of presents in the dinner. Tony Tang pointed out that was a good thing. Paulus Ng reminded that some gifts were donated by past presidents and some were bought by him, funded by the Association. The price of the mug is $8 each and lots of guests like the design very much. Martin Li pointed out that it was the only year with no entertainment or games but the atmosphere and attendance were great.

4. Upcoming events

a)     Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation Movie Night

A fund -raising movie is going to be organised by Hong Fook on Dec.8 2017 (Fri.) at 6:30 pm. Members are encouraged to buy the tickets since one of the organisers is our alumni. Eight tickets were ordered and Stephen Ching reminded that members could arrange dinner together after watching the movie.

b)      St Mary Canossian College (Ontario) 30th Anniversary dinner.

Members are encouraged to take part in this dinner on Nov.25, 2017 (Sat.).The price is $65 per person.

c)      Joint -school New Year Celebration Dinner.

The dinner will be held on Feb.10, 2018 (Sat) at Golden Court Restaurant, Richmond Hill.

d)      Hiking, table-tennis, badminton and bridge may be organised.

Francis Au would find some more information about badminton and table-tennis for our members.

e)     An event with the student members will be planned. Colin Hong will work with the student members to arrange.

5. To recognize Stephen Ching’s dedicated work for the Ontario Chapter, the president proposed to name him the Honorary President. The motion was seconded by Edmund Leung, voted and passed.

6. Update of email contact list and website

Paulus Ng stated that he was working on the new website and one email account has been set up. We should announce the new website to the members. A work group was set up and will be responsible for the maintenance of the site. The members are: Paulus Ng, Andrew Ng, Colin Hong, Kim Wong and Francis Au. A meeting is scheduled on Nov 15, 2017 for the work group.

7. A.O.B.

a)        Colin Hong said that the design of the soccer jersey was nice and would like to order one.

b)       Joe Shum reimbursed members for expenses incurred for the annual dinner.

8. Next meeting date

The next meeting date has to be determined. The president said that it will likely be in January 2018 due to members travelling and the holiday season.

The meeting was adjourned around 9:30 pm.

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